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Small change in cost codes in form costs made in advance.
Some textual changes.

Upload errors are now being logged for the benefit of the developers.
Bugfix: a special kind of pdf document causes an error.

Tariffs changed in Travel within the Netherlands.
Bicycle Scheme removed.
Cost code changed in Travel within the Netherlands.
Cost codes change in Costs paid in advance.

Bugfix: problem uploading large amount of files.

Implementation of 30% rule for expats.
Some small bugfixes.

Extending the employee table with a column for 30% rule for expats.

Update database management system.

Some changes in texts because claims can now be submitted digitally only.
Bugfix: a possible advance is now included when downloading of a copy of application for a foreign trip.
IBAN or account number for application of a foreign trip for an external only mandatory when an advance is requested.

Implementation of submitting claims only digitally.
A lot of texts have been corrected because claims can now be submitted digitally only.
The maximum amount as set by the budget holder can now be submitted.
Removal of uploaded invoices, etc. in pdf that the claimant receives by mail.
Externals with an account can now download, correct, etc. former claims.
Application and advance foreign travel are now separated in the output.

Bugfix: Implementation of XML file corrected.

The data that is send to ISP now also contains the data in XML-format.
Download in box "Stored claims" doesn't trigger een mail anymore.
Download functionality now for tablet, smartphone, bicycle and external people with an account.
Bugfix: error in sending mail with attachments.

Bugfix: in rare cases storing an incomplete claim for a forign trip does not function properly.

Text changed for booking a foreign trip.
Text added regarding A1 certificate.
Bugfix: uploading some files gave an error.

Small text changes.
Change in cost code of meals in form costs paid in advance.
Required BSN and date of birth removed in forms for externals.
Information about privacy regulation.

BSN not mandatory in all cases in form guest teacher.
Some small bug fixes.

Some small changes in financial codes.
Bugfix: secure pdf's can now be uploaded.
Data in (secure) pdf's can now be copied.
Labor Relation Number not needed anymore when completing a form for someone else.
Some small bug fixes.

Completing a form for sombody else now only requieres P-number, labor relation number, IBAN and faculty/unit.
New option: of a foreign trip for externals.
Externals can now see user condition registration when making an account.
Some small bugfixes.

Changes in reimbursement for meals in form Costs paid in Advance.
Change in costcode in form Application Visit.
Some small bugfixes and textual changes.

Separate form voor costs of application visit.

Fixed: bug in changing foreign currency to euro.
Separate form for guest teachers, not part of form for externals anymore.
Explanation field when using means of transport not according tot regulation.
Means of transport now equal in travel within the Netherlands and foreign trips.
It is now possible to enter costs for parking, ferry and toll when using car / motor (necessary).
An old claim can now be used as a template for a new one.

Fixed: error in form Education when requesting older claim.
Fixed: requesting forms when completing for someone else didn't work.

Fixed: input error -only in rare cases- of data in tariffs in form externals.

Externals can now make an account when wanted.

Small textual changes.

Adjustment of Contactpage.
Small textual changes of pages on Foreign Trips.
FAQ's implemented.
PDF is now not editable.

Extra field voor explanation in form Costs paid in advance.
If costs for meals are claimed, then extra information is necessary.
General comments field (like other forms).
Extra help texts.
Several small textual changes.

Changed: projectcode for Bicycle Scheme.

Fixed: problem in form Education that sometimes a error is reported but no explenation about the error.

Fixed: problem login when completing a form for someone else.

New url.
Colours according to visual identity RUG for internal use.
New form: Bycycle Scheme.
Technical infrastructure updated.

New form: Education.
Small security update.

Not possible anymore to enter IBAN and non-SEPA data at the same time.
Security update.

Form Application/advance foreign trip now signals on the subject of advance because of booking via ATPI.

Added a form for the smartphone scheme.

The form that is send by mail has been changed in a way that it's clear that it's not to be used for filing a claim.

Removed old Tablet4All form.
Rules about "VAR"on downloaded form have been tightened.

Blocking of input of IBAN and non-SEPA at the same time.

Small changes in text Tablet4All form.

It seemed that the portal was not secure. The reason was that only the favicon was not tranported securely. Fixed.

Added item Job Application in form Externals.

New booking form with links to E-travel en ATPI.

Faculties Theology and Philosophy have become separate financial entities.

The new tablet scheme, effective January 1st, 2016.
Sensitive data not visible anymore in PDF in e-mail attachment.

Deleting input Monthly report (only Dutch) was not processed correctly. Corrected.

Campus Fryslân in list Faculty/Service Unit.

Application for a foreign trip changed. Signature supervisor not necessarily anymore, but changed to declaration that he/she agrees.
Declarations on the form Application foreign trip moved up on the webform.

03-11-2015 redirects to the English version of the portal.
The link in the English version of MyUniversity now redirects to the English version of the portal.

Structure of the menu updated. More logical.
Small text changes, mostly because of booking foreign trips.
Booking form added for foreign trips (for the time being restricted to a link).
Item Changes added.

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