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What does the balloon means?

This is a helpfunction. Click on it to get more information.

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What are the maximum amounts?

Additional information is given in the helpfunction (balloon). The amounts can change over time.

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I send in a wrong claim. What to do now?

When the claim hasn't been approved yet or hasn't been send to the FSSC, you may destroy the claim en make a new one. When the claim is send to the FSSC, please contact the FSSC and state the number of the claim.

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Is it necessary to send in application and advance for a foreign trip together?

Not really necessary. But the advance should not be send in before an application.

Category: Foreign trip
I have to state a "structuurdeel". How to do that?

This can be done in Explanation/Comments. See also the text above the box.

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I don't have a receipt for an expenditure. What to do?

A receipt is mandatory. In other cases the FSSC will judge the claimed costs and then the person responsible for the budget decides. Always give an explanation in the corresponding box on the form.

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I filled in the form completely, but the system reports that the form is incorrect. What to do?

Mostly this is a problem because people forget the tickboxes near the end of the form.

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Part of the receipts concern private costs (For example, I exttended my visit with a few days for private reasons). How do I mentin this?

Only fill in the cost that can be claimed from the University. Mention the datails of the private costs in the explanation/comments box.

I want to recieve the mony on a other account than the one I'm receiving my salary. Is that possible?

No. For several reasons, accountabilty for one and to prevent that mistakes are being made in the account number.

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I made the trip with a colleague of an other institution. What is the way to claim?

Everyone claims his own part. It can be necessary to use a copy of a receipt.

I made the trip with colleagues of the University. How do I claim?

If everyone use the same projectcode, than each can claim their part and some need to work with a copy of receipts (please mention this in the comments).It is also possible that only one is claiming all the costs of a part of the total claim (please menstion this in the comments also).

If the claimants need to book at separate projects, then each has to do this for their own part. Some have to use a copy of the receipts (also menstion this in comments).


A foreign trip is organized en paid by someboy else. Do I need the submit an application?

Yes. Because of insurance. The University has a group travel insurance and is as an employer also responsible. Besides, it is possible that there remain some costs afterwards and that should be claimed.

Why are the pdf files secured?

PDF files are secured to prevent that they will be changed and as a consequence the data in the pdf are not the same with what is stored in the portal.

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Who needs a BRA number?

Every person who is booking by ATPI for a trip paid bij the Univeristy will need a BRA number. Employees can get a BRA for themselves via the Claim Portal. Students and guest can get a BRA number via an employee (employee has to log in for completing a form for someone else).

Category: Foreign trip
Why is Taiwan missing in the list of countries?

We use the official list of tariffs from the Government. Surely the Government can only use a list with countries that are members of the UN (Taiwan is one of the few exceptions)

Please use China instead of Taiwan.

I discovered a forgotten receipt, but I allready send in the claim. What should I do?

If on the claim the receipt is mentioned and the claim is already approved, then the receipt can be send to the FSSC. Please mention the number of the claim.

If the receipt hasn't been claimed, then it normally not possible to claim it. Contact the FSSC for the possibilities.

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What to do with the receipts I collected?

Those receipts should be supplied with a paraph and send in with the claim form. See also the text on the printed claim form.

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What to do with small amounts for which I have no receipts?

Officially for all claims there should be a receipt. The faculties/departments can have there own rules. Check within your department about this. Always make a remark on the form.

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I have made an application for a foreign trip for someone without a P-number (external or student). Now this person has to make a claim. How is he supposed to do that?

Use option 2: the form for externals.

Category: Foreign trip, Externals
Within what period do I have to send in a claim?

Two months. Only in case of force majeure a different period can be granted.

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Where do I find more information about booking of a trip via ATPI?

More information you can find at:

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